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Bc. Vladimir Alexandrov

Vladimir Alexandrov I am a master degree student at the faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics at Comenius University in Bratislava. I was born in Bulgaria, in a little town called Lom in the northwest of the country. I have been living in Bratislava (Slovakia) since 1996. I actively devote myself to programming, website development, web design and information security.

Language skills

English, German, Bulgarian, Slovak language

Computer Skills

Delphi, Pascal, C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Gimp.

Every programming or scripting language has its own syntax and properties. It is important for a Programmer to be able to think analytically, to obey the principles and techniques of software development. If he manages to do so, he can realize his ideas in each programming language.


Apart from Informatics I do sports in my free time. Muay Thai is a Thai martial art. It is one of the most contact sports in its category. From the winter sports I enjoy snowboarding. It is the kind of sport where you can mentally relax.